Book Two: The Space Brigade (Nicola Berry) Series

The Shocking Trouble on the Planet of Shobble

Nicola Berry has received an intriguing letter from the Commander-in-Chief of the Planet of Shobble. He wants to know if Nicola and her friends, now known throughout the galaxy as the ‘Space Brigade’, can help him. He mentions ‘grave danger’ and ‘generous payment’ for their services.

Of course the Space Brigade accept the mission but when they land on Shobble, they soon discover that the planet has a dark secret – most of the population are slaves, forced to mine for mashmallow and drill for chocolate. A teenage girl called Topaz is encouraging the workers to rebel and the Commander wants the Space Brigade to help squash the rebellion. Soon, Nicola Berry and her friends are crossing infested rivers, snowy swamplands and frozen seas. Along the way, they’ll learn new skills, meet unexpected creatures – and change Shobble’s history forever.

Published in the US as: Nicola Berry: The Shobble Secret