Here One Moment UK Cover


We’re all so busy, caught up in life’s moments, big and small…

The flight attendant working a shift on her birthday.
The mother struggling alone with two young children.
The newlyweds excited about their tropical honeymoon.
The overworked father missing his kid’s big show.
The young man returning from his best friend’s funeral.
The ER nurse wondering what retirement will bring.

All strangers. All unsuspecting. Each with a life heading in a particular direction – or so they imagine.

Because an elderly woman is about to step into each of their paths. In just a few words, she will make a prediction, tying herself to all of them. And, in being bound to her, these disparate strangers will all face similar existential dilemmas.

Who is this woman? Is she a genuine clairvoyant? A charlatan? The answer to prayers, or a harbinger of nightmares?

What she will prove to be is an agent of chaos, fraying relationships, putting entire futures into doubt and causing the most ordered of lives to unravel in the most unexpected of ways.